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The most common edit, copyediting corrects grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation errors and inconsistencies.



After all editing is done, proofreading checks for the most egregious of errors.

About Me

I’ve been a go-to person to help authors and writers make their work the best it can be. My career has spanned from content writIng to technical writing, but my love has always been editing. Like many editors, I love reading and collecting books.


Mark is a fantastic copy editor.

My manuscripts have undoubtedly improved thanks to his keen eye for detail and ability to identify multiple areas of improvement in my writing. He also provides thoughtful comments and questions that help you develop your manuscript.
He also considers what I, as a writer, want to achieve, and that combination of consideration, flexibility, and detail orientation makes him so great to work with.

D. M. Clarke, Author

Mark was a great editor for my book.

His professionalism, communication, and timely edits helped me get my first book out! Would recommend if you’re looking for a friendly-yet-professional editor for your stories.

Jonathan K. Webb, Author

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